CPL’s State-or-the-Art Commercial Manufacturing and Packaging Equipment

November 1, 2019–MISSISSAGUA, ONTARIO — CPL is a provider of pharmaceutical product development and commercial manufacturing services focused on non-sterile liquid and semi-solid dosage forms. In order to further establish itself as the leader in these dosage forms, the company’s Symex manufacturing vessels and new commercial filling lines for products packaged into tubes and bottles are now in full commercial use.

The state-of-the-art twin 1000Kg and 2000Kg Symex vessels provide additional manufacturing capability and versatility especially for semi-solid formulations.  The vessels are suited for handling alcohol and light sensitive products and have unique mixing capability that creates a high degree of reproducibility, and better homogenization with lower processing time. Both are vacuum capable and utilize an automatic batch recipe system, and each has automatic CIP (clean-in-place). An advantage to these vessels is greater control over particle size and particle distribution along with control for shear sensitive products.

The recent investment in commercial filling and packaging equipment includes a new Dara Pharma bottle filling line and a new IWK tube filler with Promatic cartonner.

CPL’s new bottle filling line is fully integrated with primary and secondary packaging systems including product serialization.  It provides flexibility to fill liquid and gel bulk product into glass or plastic bottles, applies caps, pumps, or plugs, and automatically inserts droppers, booklets and patient leaflets into unit cartons.  The filling area is explosion-proof to allow filling of alcohol-containing products. With higher filling speeds, the new filler is well suited to support high volume commercial products.

The IWK tube filling line has dual filling capability of both plastic and metal tubes. It also is explosion-proof rated to support products that contain alcohol.  It too is a fully integrated packaging line with filling, check-weighing, coding, vision verification, robot insertion of components, secondary packaging, and product serialization.  The robust filling speeds allow efficient filling of higher volume commercial production.

“We’ve invested more than $20 million in new manufacturing and packaging equipment with special focus on explosion proof capability.  With this state of the art technology, we’re bringing new, innovative options for non-sterile liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical products to our customers,” said Jan Sahai, VP of Business Development.

To learn more about CPL’s commercial manufacturing capabilities, contact CPL at (905) 821-7600, email dtyler@cplltd.com, or visit www.cplltd.com.

About CPL

CPL provides product development and manufacturing services for non-sterile liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical products under one roof. Our facilities are registered by both the US FDA and Health Canada and maintain an outstanding record of regulatory compliance.  For nearly 30 years, CPL has provided expertise, focus, and technology investment in these dosage forms, and has created long-term, strategic relationships with our customers.