Packaging solutions as versatile as your requirements

"We deliver on our pillars of partnership and exceptional customer service."

Darren Vanderburgh, Focus Factory Leader, CPL Danbro

CPL provides a wide variety of packaging solutions for liquid, semi-solid and solid dosage forms that are as versatile as your requirements.


  • bottles (1mL - 1,500mL) - plastic or glass
  • jars (3g - 500g) - plastic or glass
  • tubes (2g - 240g) - plastic, laminate, metal
  • airless filling (5mL - 150mL)
  • pouch/sachets filling (1g - 15g) - trade or sample units
  • special packaging capabilities include: inert gas flooding; hot fill; dropper tip, pumps and applicator insertion
  • secondary packaging capabilities include: cartoning; shrink wrap; bundling; blister and point-of-purchase displays