Our standard sets us apart from all others

•	Two new XP-rated Symex mixing vessels (1,000kg & 2,000 kg)

CPL’s manufacturing and packaging operations are focused around non-sterile liquid and semi-solid products. Our manufacturing operations provide flexibility to meet your various product needs and include capabilities such as:

  • Seven commercial manufacturing suites with numerous mixing kettles suited for liquids (solutions and suspensions) and semi-solids (creams, ointments, lotions, and gels)
  • Two new XP-rated Symex mixing vessels (1,000kg & 2,000 kg)
  • Batch sizes ranging from 20Kg to 5,000kg
  • One separate suite for pilot/scale up batches (20Kg to 300Kg)
  • Segregated suites for hormones (testosterone & oestrogen) and corticosteroids
  • Two explosion proof suites for high alcohol containing products
  • Nitrogen blanketing capabilities and special lighting for light sensitive materials

Our filling and packaging capabilities include:

  • bottles and jars (3mL - 1,500mL) - plastic or glass
  • tubes (3g - 240g) - plastic, laminate, metal (XP and non-XP capabilities)
  • pouch/sachets filling (2g - 15g)
  • special packaging capabilities include: inert gas flooding, hot fill; and various pump configurations
  • secondary packaging capabilities include: unit cartoning, shrink wrap, and bundling