Exceeding expectations
since 1991

CPL has been providing innovative leadership in the liquid and semi-solid market since 1991 with a reputation as one of the most service-oriented contract manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry.

CPL’s roots began in 1991, as a third party packaging contractor of pharmaceutical products, and quickly expanded into a 59,000 square-foot production plant in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. By 1997, we had outgrown that building and acquired an 85,000 square-foot facility in Mississauga in partnership with Block Drug.  With this new facility came the ability to provide explosion proof manufacturing services.  To better serve our customers, CPL implemented an SAP system as a proactive investment to support electronic transactions with our customers.

By 2001, as our customer base continued to grow, we acquired the remaining space we shared with Block Drug to give us sole ownership of the 140,000 square-foot manufacturing and packaging facility in Canada.  Shortly thereafter, we acquired a full-service, cGMP compliant, testing laboratory—to provide a complete offering of manufacturing, packaging and testing services under one company.

An opportunity to create additional manufacturing capacity came in 2005 when CPL acquired a 450,000 square-foot facility in Buffalo, NY that had a nearly 100 year history of manufacturing liquid and semi-solid products under the names of Westwood Pharmaceuticals and Bristol Myers Squibb. As our plants became more efficient, we divested the Buffalo site in 2012 and consolidated our operations to our Mississauga location.

In response to growing customer demand for early-stage product development support, CPL launched an exciting new service offering in 2011—Product Development Services. We quickly built an experienced team of formulation and analytical development professionals with significant expertise in liquid and topical dosage forms. The PDS group has dedicated state-of-the-art development laboratories, equipment, and a pilot manufacturing suite. This group has worked on myriad generic, NDA, 505(b)2, and OTC projects for many customers and continues to be a strategic advantage for CPL by supporting projects from conception through to commercial manufacturing.

Our lab and manufacturing locations have initiated lean operations to increase our efficiencies, improve product delivery time-lines, and promote customer service excellence. CPL’s commitment to lean operations reflects our leadership and innovation within the contract pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, and positions us well for continued leadership in the years ahead.

In 2015, CPL will be moving its analytical testing lab from Markham to a building in Mississauga just down the road from its manufacturing plant. The new lab will provide additional space and testing capacity and will continue to be an FDA and Health Canada registered site. CPL is also expanding its manufacturing capabilities through the addition of two new state-of-the-art Symex manufacturing vessels. The new tanks will be XP rated and will support the manufacture of both alcohol-containing and non-alcohol containing products.