Mission and Values

CPL’s Mission

At CPL we develop and produce pharmaceutical products specializing in liquid and semi-solid products.  We are only interested in being the best. To be the best we must be relentless in our determination to be a company where:

  • Our culture is our foundation, the base on which we build our company.
  • Our facilities are safe and environmentally responsible places to work.
  • Quality is pervasive, a way of life.
  • We make the complex simple and make it easy for all stakeholders to do business with us.
  • We eliminate waste and create value.
  • We learn how to do all things in less time.

CPL will be a place where employees want to do their best every day, customers want to buy and shareholders want to invest, all of which will lead us to be a financially strong company that can deliver competitive financial rewards for our employees, good value for our customers and a fair return for our shareholders.

CPL Values


We conduct ourselves ethically and with honesty. When in doubt, we apply the Grandma test.


We act in ways that show we have due consideration for the opinions and perspectives of others. We know that we are not always right. None of us is better than another. We recognize that everyone has an important job to do and they deserve to be treated with an equal sense of worth.


We start with a basic belief that others will live our CPL values, do their jobs well and fulfill their commitments but each of us must work every day to continue to earn and retain the confidence of those who rely on us. We do what we say.


We are mindful that fairness is sometimes measured as it is seen through the eyes of the beholder and so things will not always appear to be fair to everyone. Knowing this, it is even more important that we work hard to be objective and free from bias and to weigh circumstances carefully in an effort to be just and equitable.